Athens Games Festival Postmortem

Hello everyone! We have attended Athens Games Festival on the passed weekend. And it was Amazing! It was not just first time when we showcased our game Upheaval but also our first EXPO. Overall, it was an amazing experience and we received a lot of feedback. But the most important thing is the positive emotions of the players, which give us the strength to continue developing!
And we want to tell you what we have learnt from it:
1) You can't do it alone, there must be at least two people at stand at once.
2) Buy matte posters! As you can see our poster is glowing too much.
3) If you want to reuse your posters use them on stand, double tape is one time solution.
4) Make a schedule in advance and know who is where
5) You must take big screen to show gameplay, most of people can't play the game they want to watch first.
6) Double check your laptop and demo. We had technical issues because tested everything only once.
7) Use some personal touch to be remembered For example our business card …

New Press KIt

Hello everyone! We are attending Athens Games Festival on 20-21 October! Come and say hi.

If you can't come, you can try our new demo: Or read our updated Press-Kit:

Games and Politics

If you want to learn more about how we solved political and ethical issues during the development, you must read our article on Gamasutra about Politics and games


We finally did it! Indiegogo campaign is live, consider to support us here!
Also, we have created a press-kit, where you can find all basic information about the game. Download here

Work continues!

After a little break for university examination, work continues! But posts will be less frequent because in the given moment UI is the main focus of the work and as a whole there is nothing to show, but there are several WIPs for you. Stay tuned for Crowdfunding campaign!

Planning board progress

A big progress has been made and the main technical part has been completed! Planning board level is now functional on 80%, this means that demo is coming!


Almost every non-democratic political system is based on the brutal power of the police and total control, as a consequence of the prison is a home to a large number of people and one of the main pillars of the state.