We finally did it! Indiegogo campaign is live, consider to support us here!
Also, we have created a press-kit, where you can find all basic information about the game. Download here

Work continues!

After a little break for university examination, work continues! But posts will be less frequent because in the given moment UI is the main focus of the work and as a whole there is nothing to show, but there are several WIPs for you. Stay tuned for Crowdfunding campaign!

Planning board progress

A big progress has been made and the main technical part has been completed! Planning board level is now functional on 80%, this means that demo is coming!


Almost every non-democratic political system is based on the brutal power of the police and total control, as a consequence of the prison is a home to a large number of people and one of the main pillars of the state.

President's home

Every self-respecting dictator must have a huge private villa in the distance from the masses with a security and helipad.


The country has a vast stock of oil and gas. Both of which, are regularly mined and sold.

 Unfortunately, most of the money goes to a handful of owners of private companies which are involved in the production and not the people of the country.

The officials are often bribed and people are regularly victims of fraud. It's up to you to change this.